Derivatas Financial Application

Derivatas is a financial web application I designed in 2011. The team included 6 developers, a CEO, a marketing pro and myself as designer.   

At the beginning of the project I met with the key stakeholders to clarify the product vision and define key features. I gave my input, gathered functional requirements, and documented the product scope.  

Design and development was done in parallel and in two week iterations. At the start of each iteration I would meet with our team to define a feature scope. My workflow was then to create user flows (usually lo-fidelity) and annotated wireframes for every screen and interaction. I would then create a design in Photoshop for each wireframe.    

I was involved in everything from product strategy, to UI design, UX design, user research and testing.


User Flows

I worked with the team to define functional requirements. Once those requirements were defined I created user flows for key user tasks.

User flow I created that shows the flows for uploading data and then manipulating that data.



I created wireframes for every screen in Derivatas. I annotated these wireframes and communicated the design specs to a team of remote developers. 

Wireframes were refined iteratively as the team and test users would evaluate them and give feedback. 


Sample of an annotated wireframe I created.


Derivatas is a big application. I created alot of wireframes...

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 1.05.08 PM.png

UI Design

Derivatas is a financial application, so the visual design needed to communicate security. It also needed to appeal to financial analysts. Different visual styles were presented to users to arrive at a visual style that appealed to analysts and communicated security, stability, and capability. The clean visual aesthetic and blue color scheme helped achieve this.